Life Is A Wonder


Evolve and Radiate is about connecting you to your inner joy through yoga, meditation, and wisdom, so you can live a life of vibrancy and vitality. 


Today’s fast-paced world can feel stressful, lonely and depressing.

You may feel like you are constantly on the go with family or work life, or like you never have any time for yourself. Evolve & Radiate can show you how to create more space, peace and stillness in your daily life. Through life guidance and the ancient practices contained within Sattva Yoga and Meditation, learn how to:

  • Transform your life to bring more joy, peace and inner stillness

  • Evolve and grow through life challenges

  • Shift any negative or self-defeating habits and behaviors

  • Transcend experiences such as depression, anxiety and stress

  • Gain more energy to experience greater health, vibrancy and wellbeing




Aditi at Evolve & Radiate is passionate about empowering you and will listen deeply to connect to your truth, help you to identify exactly what your current life challenges are, and give you practical tools and techniques to move you from challenge to growth.


Life Guidance

Meditation Sessions


Pregnancy & Post-Birth Guidance

Yoga Sessions


You are the most important part of this process.


Now is the time for you to evolve, transform and grow so you can live life at its best. Now is the time for you to live a life of radiance, joy and vitality!