Meditation - Private or Group Sessions

Meditation is the supreme practice for all human beings, in connecting to your inner self you connect to silence. From this silence arises the ability to witness your thoughts and subconscious patterns. From this silence arises the guidance, intuition and clarity that can guide your life.

Our minds have not been trained to tune to silence. In fact in the western world just the opposite has occurred. You have been taught that you can think your way into any solution. It can lead you to be fixated with your mind and obsessed with your thoughts. This can turn into worry, doubt, anxiety, tension and stress.

Evolve & Radiate uses the highly sacred and transformative Sattva Meditation technique. Originating in the Himalayas, India, the techniques have been handed down by yogi masters for thousands of years. In practicing the Sattva Meditation technique regularly, you will calm your mind and thoughts and create positive change on a physiological level.

Learn how to increase your inner stillness and peace, so you can live a life of effortless joy and radiance!

Personal Meditation Practice • $298

  • 2 hour session

  • 1 hour follow up (one week later)

Sattva Meditation Initiation • $1500

Receive initiation into the sacred Sattva Meditation practice. Personal Mantra initiation. Support for 40 days to integrate this powerful meditation practice.

  • 2 x 2 hour sessions

  • Follow up weekly for first 40 days

Group Meditation rates available upon request.

Sessions are in-person or online through video calls. Options include: initiation into Sattva Meditation, initiation within a group, and guided group meditation practice. Sliding scale options available upon request.

To see Aditi’s devotion, dedication, and discipline, and what it can do for a person is truly inspiring and motivating. Her beautiful spirit surrounds you by providing support without judgement, showing you how to move forward, and communicating unconditional positive regard. One thing a person in recovery (I’m 1.5 years sober) needs to continue to live a spiritual and sober life is to find the people who have what you want. I want what Aditi has and now, with her guidance, it’s up to me.
— Mark, Texas