Private & Group Yoga Sessions

Sattva Yoga, as founded by Anand Mehrotra, is a holistic, full spectrum yoga practice rooted in the Vedantic and Tantric traditions. Sattva Yoga includes all the ancient practices and teachings of yoga to support every part of modern life.

The full practice of Sattva Yoga includes pranayama (breathwork), kriya (energy work), asana (yoga poses), mantra chanting, meditation, ecstatic dance, partner work and wisdom sharing.

These practices originated over 3,000 years ago with the ancient yogis studying how to shift from mundane states of existence into our true nature as love, joy and bliss. Anand has made these practices relevant for modern times by creating an integrated approach that is accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

If you are truly committed to your personal growth and evolution, experience Sattva Yoga and take a journey to your true self.

Private Yoga Session

60 minutes $108 • 3 sessions $298

Group Yoga sessions available upon request.

In-person Sattva Yoga sessions or online video calls. Sliding scale options available upon request.

Sattva Yoga is so much more than the yoga we typically experience here in the US. It combines everything I love about bringing consciousness into my body utilizing sound, energy work, dance, chanting, movement, postures. When I am finished with the class my whole mind body and spirit is nourished, not just my physical body. Aditi is an excellent guide with such a nourishing, encouraging presence. Her classes are always tailor made, never the same and very unique. I love her passion for this work and highly recommend these classes to anyone who is ready to take their embodiment practices to the next level.
— Annika, Seattle