The Story of Evolve & Radiate


We’re all on the path of life to grow and evolve. That’s what life is about.

Evolution in your life comes from your intention to shift from your current patterns into more life-affirming, life-giving ones. Often it’s the simplest practices that can challenge us to the depths of our core.

It can be easy to feel heavy, hopeless and that change is not possible. But this belief can keep you from taking the first step.

And what's the first step? Choose! Choose to want to evolve. Choose that you’ve had enough of a mundane life. Tell yourself you're ready to shift to a higher state of being.

The second step is to find a path that speaks to you, that resonates deeply with your choice to shift. A path that will support you in every step of your evolution to a life of joy, purpose and bliss.

The third step is not a step at all, it's a state of being. We cannot radiate until we connect with our inner state of radiance. As you start to evolve, you will naturally begin to connect to this state. When that occurs, you will effortlessly shine your light into the world.


Aditi’s Story

My name is Aditi and I'm a life guide, meditation teacher, yoga teacher, midwife and nurse practitioner.

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 20 years and have explored many spiritual paths. I've found yoga to be the most holistic, complete path as it addresses all parts of my being. On all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually it continues to move me deeper into my true nature as joy and bliss.

I've been teaching yoga since my first trip to India in 2013 and have returned four more times since then. My last trip started in September 2018 and lasted for nine months, while I immersed myself intensively into the yogic teachings and way of life.

I study with Anand Mehrotra, Master yogi and founder of Sattva Yoga, in Rishikesh, India. I’ve taught in yoga studio settings as well as co-creating yoga practices with individuals to address their specific needs.


I’ve practiced as a nurse midwife and nurse practitioner for over 22 years. Guiding women and families along the path of pregnancy, birth and parenting, as well as women’s healthcare. Having practiced in both a hospital and clinic setting, I’m familiar with the challenges and strengths of the American medical system and how to work optimally within it. My passion is guiding and coaching women and their partners to take an active stance in life, in order to be healthy and happy.

I've had the great privilege of joining my two loves together by teaching yoga to women during pregnancy, as well as couples and mama-baby yoga. And I'm now also a co-teacher on the Sattva Prenatal Teacher Training course, where I get to share these amazing practices to develop new prenatal teachers.

As a meditation teacher, I’ve initiated many individuals into Sattva Meditation, a power life-changing practice. I also lead Sattva Meditation courses for groups.

Aditi’s Training and Experience

  • 500RYT Sattva Yoga Academy

  • 85 RPYT Sattva Yoga Academy

  • Advanced Meditation Teacher, initiated by Anand Mehrotra

  • Master level yoga teacher, Sattva Yoga Academy

  • Certified Nurse Midwife, 1996- present

  • Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, 1996- present

  • Master of Nursing degree, University of Washington, 1996

  • RN degree, Seattle Pacific University, 1987