Yoga Classes

  • Sattva Yoga Class ~ Thursdays ~ 6:00 - 7:15pm

Sri Janani Yoga Studio (

Sattva Yoga is a wholistic practice based in Himalayan Kundalini Yoga. It includes breathwork, mantra, kriyas, asana and sometimes ecstatic movement and partner work.

All are welcome - beginners and advanced practitioners…and everyone in between! No prior yoga experience needed.

  • Sattva Prenatal Yoga Class ~ Thursdays ~ 7:30- 8:45 pm

Sri Janani Yoga Studio (

A nourishing wholistic practice for women during their pregnancy to move with the physical challenges of pregnancy while also being present to the emotional and spiritual changes that occur.


Vitalizing your Relationship: For Couples during Pregnancy

Friday, August 16th — 7:15-9:15pm

Wondering how to navigate all the changes that happen in relationship during pregnancy and after?

When we have daily connecting patterns and practices, our relationship connectedness increases.

…and what’s yoga got to do with it??  Everything!

In this experiential workshop, we’ll practice some yoga breath practices and poses that build the connection between you.  We’ll talk frankly about the challenges and changes that occur in relationship during pregnancy and after baby arrives that can impact your life together.  You’ll leave with a practice you can implement to keep your connection strong through this amazing transition into your life as a threesome.

Bring your partner, spouse, boy/girl friend—all relationships are welcome. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or it’s your first time, join us.  No prior yoga experience necessary. 

Advanced registration required.






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